Aug 30, 2013

Is There Love Between Dragon and Basilisk?

Illustration by Koren Shadmi

2600 years ago, when day was black with the fumes of war, a son of the sky fell for a daughter of the earth. Because they could not mingle the fluid in their veins, the male and the female did not conceive a child: they built one instead.

Caped Kimkao
by Mark Facey

I had this dream of a magic child brought into being by reptile parents. It would be and do whatever its parents could not. The dream began with that child telling me, "I am human, but my parents are reptiles. You can't find their species in science books.

"They made me, put my parts together, but we are not the same. They belong someplace else. Not here. I have to put an end to the war."

Bizarre sort of dream, but inspiring.

VIDEOS after the jump.

German: a fitting language for dragons.

Robyn Schneider is obzass'd with the lexical gap, i.e., words that exist in one language, but not another. Fun video, though -- take this opportunity to embiggen your lexicon with gems like sitzpinkler.

Last but not least, a lullaby for giant flying reptiles.

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