Aug 28, 2013

Felix Walked Around with a Hole In His Mind

A man with a face like a broken bottle accosted me. His parents had named him Ring-a-ding-ding, so he became a conqueror of galaxies.

No, they abandoned him as a baby because he had all the charm of an unlanced boil and then storks raised him.

Andras et Malphas
by Felix Labisse

And now for an extra bit of grotesquerie: 

Never try to lance a boil yourself. Includes helpful diagram, suitable for the faint of heart.
An abandoned house overtaken by animals. Dreamlike, more-real-than-real photo essay.
Meet the serpentone. Because even the brass family must have a redheaded stepchild.

by Felix Labisse

Remember the last time you went to the acupuncture clinic and they locked up and left you behind? No? Well, this guy does.
Michael Bukowski, artist and Lovecraft aficionado, presents us with a peculiar dolphin.
Illustrator Steven D'Arbenzio likes to paint dudes with empty eye sockets. The style is too cartoony to gross you out -- and yet satisfyingly weird.

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