Aug 7, 2013

Choose Truth, or Choose the Quiet Pain You Know

Before breakfast, the shadow of cedars pointing away from the kitchen window, Marcia Lupei found she could not see.

When Marcia's sight came back, the world had sharper edges, and the air held a hundred children's voices. Latent, unexpressed. Marcia opened the window and howled: I am listening.

Red Riding Hood
by Giulio Rossi

Lupei: Romanian family name meaning 'wolf.'

As someone with access to a Romanian TV channel through his local cable service, I must admit to knowing next to nothing about Romania, save perhaps for the fact that it exists and contains people similar to myself whose language I don't understand. 

Romanians were at one point subject to the whims of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, whose final address to the citizens of Socialist Romania did not go too well.

Ceausescu made divorce all but impossible, outlawed abortion and so filled orphanages with the children of desperate parents. Illegal abortions led to a barbaric rate of maternal mortality. Both IUDs and the pill had been banned in Romania.

As a result of his social and economic policies, living standards declined sharply and Romanians starved as Ceausescu developed his cult of personality. Dictators will, more often than not, come to an unsavory end; both Nicolae and his wife Elena were executed by firing squad. They died on the same day.

24 years later, Romania has become a country where they build ten churches every month.

This prompt, as well as the brief postlude on Romania, were inspired by the video above. This young lady makes a living as a howling instructor and, well, I can't see anything wrong with that.

Romania controls more than half of the fabled Carpathians, home of Count Dracula and numerous other creepy-crawlies, such as the varcolac. So, I got to thinking... A girl who "shapeshifts" in preparation for howling activities... Describes herself as otherkin, so she's looking for something outside of what we term "ordinary experience"... What if someone howled their way into a psychic reservoir, a kind of well of souls, where all those Romanian orphans were held in suspension until someone vindicated them?

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