Jul 7, 2013

Swimming Trains, Somersaulting Airplanes, and Primate Hanky Panky

Have I got some great art for you today - AND a story prompt at the end!

So, first, there's a startling photographic series by Charles Bergquist, What Happens in the Dark, viewable on Flickr. Bergquist writes that there will be 10 of these, but so far he's only posted two.

What Happens in the Dark, 1
by Charles Bergquist

Marcela Paniak scans old photos along with dried leaves and flowers. The results are spellbinding.

by Marcela Paniak

Laird Kay takes stunning pictures of airplanes from below as they take to the skies. You can enjoy the results of Kay's dedication on his tumblr blog.

by Laird Kay

deviantArtist *Azenoire makes all these moody, symmetrical images that I love; quite a few named after Dead Can Dance or Joy Division songs.

by *Azenoire

Bizarre Sunday reads:

Man inherits 143 trillion marks in 1928
I don't think the German government ever bought them back.

The Lively City o' Ligg
Where a train goes swimming, chairs run away, and elevators plot destruction.

Bonobo Taboos: Examining the Primate Hippy Image
Is there anything a bonobo won't do? Why, yes: there is a certain taboo.

What the night sky would look like if cities went dark
An ambitious photographic project by Thierry Cohen.

The prompt you have been waiting for:

Surfers in Honolulu, 1938. Those boards are... colossal.
via Vintage Everyday

When the ocean called, Jeannie answered, even if it called through the mouth of a shark.

She lay on her board and paddled beside him. He broke the waves and his black eye met Jeannie's -- the question was not Will you eat me, but When will you eat me?

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