Jul 11, 2013

Only a Ghost Doctor Can Treat Imaginary Flea Bites

The two-faced boy has been following me through the fog for two days. If only I could find a stone...

... Can't even scoop up a handful of sand. It vanishes, slips through my fingers, slips upward in tendrils like the smoke of a snuffed candle.

No weapons against him.

paintings on old books by
Ekaterina Panikanova

What if ghosts were affected by parasites, diseases of the spirit world?

I got started on Matt Ridley's The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature, and quite a few dozen pages deal with the evolutionary role of parasites and immune systems. I learned that frogs don't have an immune system, which I found quite surprising. [Correction: It appears that they do. Where did I get the idea that they don't?]*

Plants do not have immune systems, strictly speaking; they attack foreign bodies by means of chemical emissions.

*Yeah, my biology is rusty.


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