Jul 31, 2013

Nine Hundred Years of Bad Taste

Icarus Falls Upward
by John Magnet Bell

Nobody took the Architects seriously until every building of a certain size began to rumble and take off into the clouds. On April 23, 0984 AG (anno Gliesi), plenty of people spilled their coffee on lovers, v-boards, friends and coworkers.

And my Architect boyfriend pierced me with an arctic stare.

Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame
designed by Trey Trahan
photographed by Timothy Hursley
via Architectural Record

My prompt today was inspired by the picture above -- but wait, there's more. Please take the time to read the article and browse the comments. You won't regret it. There's a vitriolic discussion going on there as to the merits of this particular building and, needless to say, a couple ad hominem attacks. Godwin's Law had not yet come into play at this writing.

Sample comment:
"In a town that is older than New Orleans, and is famous for its plantations and townhouses, this building is a travesty and a disgrace to the Historic District Development Committee of Natchitoches. Its so-called allusion 'to the to the shaded porches of Creole architecture' is totally without merit, as the form has simply nothing to do with Creole architecture (...)"

So you see how, between rabid architects and zealot fanboys, things could explode in less time than it takes you to look up the word spandrel.  Or splaundrel. What a juicy, juicy word. Splaundrel. Splaundrel, splaundrel, splaundrel. *smacks lips* *ahhhhhhhh* 

Music for Warring Architects
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