Jul 17, 2013

Make Way for the Kitchen Slayer

I can sneak into a cave and slay a party of 20 thieves and thugs with my trusty bow, but I can’t cook a welsh egg to save my life.

Jamie's parents are coming in 24 hours. He's promised dear old dad I make the best welsh eggs. Cripes.

Painting by Till Rabus
via arte a un click

So last night I was talking food with my significant other (sorry, ladies, I'm taken) and it turns out she'd never had welsh eggs. Forsooth!, I said, shaking my wondrous bloated head. If welsh eggs you have not had...

No, let's not break into verse right now.

The picture above shows another inspiration for my prompt today: That's my main character in Skyrim. I called her Fury. She's great with a bow and when she started out it was all about cleaving to the shadows, lurking around corners and shooting arrows into eye sockets -- but when she wields a sword and a dagger, why, Fury can whittle a mountain down to carrot size quicker than you can say 'Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis'.

That's her wife Mjoll in the background. Very tough lady. She killed a bear while Fury and Star (that would be the horse) posed for this picture.

welsh egg
via Adventures of a Foodie

Some people need work/life balance, while others find themselves in dire need of gaming/life balance:

This gamer complains Ultima Online has magic life-ruining powers.
Joseph Bernstein admits to KillScreen readers that Ultima Online provided the venue for a childhood trauma. (Ultima Online again? Am I sensing a trend here?)
TheManchild claims that games all but destroyed his life, but a wife and new baby have helped with his gaming addiction.

I'm hungry. I'm also done. Why don't you listen to some music while I eat?

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