Jul 3, 2013

Today It's All About Book Covers

They say the art of cover design is dying. NPR talks to Chip Kidd, who brings his usual brilliance to the conversation. I certainly don't think cover design has gone the way of the Apple Newton.

Longtime Twitter friend Michael J. Lee and his co-author, Tawny Stokes, have a brand new series coming out, Carnival World. I've been granted a glimpse of the cover for the first episode:

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Looks mysterious, doesn't it? I also found the blurb quite enticing.

For six teens and one young boy, an innocent ride at a summer carnival becomes a harrowing trip into another dimension where everything they've ever known has been destroyed and everyone they’ve ever loved are gone.  Now they have to travel a road through a harsh and unreal world where mutated creatures hunt them and a mysterious man with an ugly scar dogs their every move.  Guided by the Barker in their dreams, they each must face their past enabling them to perform a task in the present that will help them find a way home.  Every game played is a piece closer to solving the puzzle.

For Darien, the Strong Man, Nicole, the Tightrope Walker, Maddie and Justin, the Conjoined Twins, Summer, the Escape Artist, and little Sam, the Fortune Teller, dreams are lost, nightmares are real and Carnival World is the place they need to survive if they want to make it back home.

Elsewhere on the web:

Kafka would have been 130 today. When readers overestimate their intellectual capacity and fatally misread a book, this happens -- Goodreads member Lark complains that The Trial is weird for weirdness's sake. Better stick to Mortal Kombat novels, then.

A smattering of Kafka covers

Shall we take a small detour? Because I found this almost by accident and I simply must share it.

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Last but not least,  see Chip Kidd launch into a fantabulous display of wit and verve as he takes you through the process and sensory rewards of cover design. Oh, and Chip's dance move at the beginning. You have to check it out. If you're reading via mail app, click here to watch the video.

I'll post a writing prompt tomorrow, July 4.
So worry not, my faithful reader, this blogger's well has not run dry. If anything, my cup runneth over and staineth all my fine table linenth.

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