Jun 5, 2013

Tinkerhell, the Black Metal Florist

Tina was a girl who fell. She tripped on wayward bricks, small dogs, homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk.

On the way to work she stubbed her toe on a vending machine and staggered into a florist's. Surrounded by funeral-red carnations, a longhaired man stopped reading his Black Pullet.

The Crane Wife
by Budi Satria Kwan

The Black Pullet is one of many grimoires that'll teach you how to make charms and talismans and contains words of power that summon djinni. I doubt whether any of the spirits mentioned in the Black Pullet are still available, but you can read it for entertainment value.

As for my black metal florist, I must attribute direct inspiration to Vegan Black Metal Chef. I selected a video for you to watch right here on the blog if you can't be arsed* to check out the man's YouTube channel.

(*"Can't be arsed" -- one of my favorite Britishisms. Because it's rude.)

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