Jun 14, 2013

The Worm that Came to Stay

Deep where the fish don't breathe, Dorian had a silent listener.

The boy would go down to the lake with Doorknob, his Chihuahua. He'd stand by the water, hit reeds with a stick and tell them to speed up production. Like dad, Dorian had employees.

The lake drank Dorian's vocables.

by Ken Wong

Says Wikipedia:
"The hypolimnion is the dense, bottom layer of water in a thermally-stratified lake. It is the layer that lies below the thermocline. (...) Being at depth, it is isolated from surface wind-mixing during summer, and usually receives insufficient irradiance (light) for photosynthesis to occur."

The thermocline is a shifting layer that separates the surface from the still, life- and oxygen-deprived water below.

Companion words:
Epilimnion, the top of a lake
Metalimnion, the middle layer (changes depth as the day rolls on)

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