Jun 11, 2013

The Face that Ruins Everything

I start every morning with my eyes closed. Since March, that is. The bruises on my knees have bruises of their own and my little toe could be broken. I don't know.

I can't go out with this thing growing on my cheek. How would people react?

Good Day Sir
by Sweden10

So, what inspired my title today? Click here and I'll take you to The Face that Ruins Everything.

Some people are afraid of their own reflection. Others loathe their bodies. A few poor souls dread the thought of being touched. I imagined a protagonist burdened with all those troubles, plus incipient schizophrenia on top of that. Note: contrarily to public perception, schizophrenia is nothing like dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as "multiple personality disorder"). A schizophrenic will experience bizarre delusions, such as everybody else being made out of paper, or the government sending emails directly to their brains. Schizophrenics do not develop "alters" -- alter egos -- the way DID sufferers do.

Have some Plaid now. Empty your mind of horrible thoughts. Hug a kitten and make it listen to Rachmaninoff for ten hours or so. You'll feel much better. The kitten, possibly not. But you won't know until you try.

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