Jun 30, 2013

Reader Gets Shipped Off to THE FARM Today; and a Bonus Sunday Prompt

As I pointed out yesterday, Google is shuttering the Reader service tomorrow, July 1. If you subscribed to my RSS feed through Google Reader, welp, you're in hot water, unless you do something about it.

You risk not only losing your sub to Start Your Novel, but all your Reader subscriptions. You don't want that, do you? Click here to read the alternatives I propose. On Carolyn Nicander Mohr's recommendation, I tried Feedly and the 1-click import from Reader works. Like magic. But it only works until July 1.

Now that we got that out of the way, Here's a Sunday prompt, and Happy 4th to all my American friends.


Has an app ever ruined your life? Me, I wish I'd never heard of DICKLR. But the damn thing had such a fine Kickstarter... And the stretch goals, oh man.

So I got involved as a developer. I gelled with the team. We hung out, talked craft beers and cycling and wakeboarding. The first few days, we sizzled, man, sizzled, like grease on a hot plate.

Then Gil Blaine, the CEO, came back from his vacation. And I... How can I put it? I was initiated.

Bug Monster 07
by Ahmet Ozcan

To wrap things up, I'll give you a short list of light Sunday reads.

Lucy V. Hay suggests 5 career strategies for writers
You can follow her on Twitter - @Bang2write

The Big Think editors bring you a 5-minute drill: How to negotiate like a pro.
You can follow them on Twitter - @bigthink

This is from Wiley: Someone has studied the time-dependent properties of mayonnaise flow
Oh, science, we love you. Follow @wileytweets if you're so inclined.  

Uut Poetry sniffed out 10 minimalist quotation posters you should hang at home.
Can't find Uut Poetry on Twitter. Boo-hoo.

David Brin meditates on the difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Hint: It's political. You can follow His Beardiness on Twitter - @DavidBrin

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