Jun 27, 2013

Quick! Come Up With a Title Before the Gators Get You!

I don't have a prompt today but I have loads of good stuff to share.

Good reads:

I may still be an arsehole, but at least I’m a sober arsehole by John Risby.
How one man started drinking at 13 and clawed his way out of the hole.

Your story needs two hearts, by Roz Morris.
Roz tells you why Fringe manages tension and story development better than Doctor Who.

I am the one who clicks banner ads, by Mike Lacher.
Meet the lone humanitarian who keeps the steam engines of the Internet going.

How to Live More Each Day, by Craig McBreen.
Where Craig McBreen tells you about the 103-year-old Jokemaster.

Gertrude Stein reviews beer
With the kind of language that would get her banned from Beer Advocate. By Jessica Probus.

My overlooked skills I wish people would endorse on LinkedIn, by Jill Zero
It's about microwaves and toilet paper.

Good News:

I joined tumblr today. My tumblings will revolve around photography. You can find me here. Come say hello. I'd like that.

Note how cleverly I convey a subliminal message through my choice of header.

Among other factors, including the steadfast support of one dear to me (she knows who she is), my decision to revive my photo-taking habits owes to Ruth Long, who invited me to become a part of the crew on the newly-minted Shutterworks Photo Blog.

See you tomorrow.

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