Jun 24, 2013

Turn Off the Ghost Lights Before It's Too Late

Before she died, Livia made me promise I'd get to Mount Thor and pull the plug. The power companies don't know about the plug.
"It's time to stop burning dead people," she said.
"Don't worry," I said, "I won't let them pack your soul into a fuel cell."

Mount Thor
by Peter Morgan

Murray Brooks, in Progress and Its Discontents, writes:
"[By] the end of the 1960s warnings again began to be raised about the exhaustion of resources and the growing dependence of the United States on foreign sources of raw materials, especially oil. Could the momentum of growth be sustained, and if so for how long? World rates of population growth were still rising, with little prospect of tapering off, especially in the populous developing world, and it was clear, even to the greatest optimists, that this could not go on indefinitely."

Mount Thor is on Baffin Island, largest island in Canada and fifth in the world. (Sumatra is number six, in case you wanted to know.)
Thor is popular with climbers, featuring the Earth's greatest vertical drop - 1,250 m / 4,101 ft. It seemed like a good, remote place for a 'spiritual plug', which I envisioned as a ritual object anchoring human souls to this planet until they are granted safe passage to the world beyond.

Let me just add for the sake of clarity that I don't know whether there is an afterlife and am not interested in proving or disproving it. As a fictional possibility, I like it. To the willing writer, life after death is an all-you-can-eat buffet.

This prompt was inspired by the video below:

"Strobe" by A L M E E V A
Download Almeeva's EP#2 on Bandcamp, pay what you want.

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