Jun 4, 2013

Desert Islands Are Shitty Places for Music Lovers

Today I bring you 3 variations on the desert island/shipwreck/castaway theme. I tried my best to avoid clichés.


"You want to eat me? Are you serious?"
Postal didn't take his eyes off the fire.
"Sure," he said, "if you die first."
"What makes you think we're going to die on this island?" I asked.
The moon peeked from behind a cloud.
"Forget I said anything," Postal replied.


I'm going to beat you, you damn island. By dying. Then I'm appearing to Ekaterina as a ghost so she knows where to find my body.

Singing and banging on coconuts passes the time. It also keeps the flying lizards at bay, so I can starve in peace.


Stricher found a rusted knife stuck in a tree and a cracked skull beside a rock down by the gully. The gully led down to a dark crevice he didn't particularly want to explore, but something caught the light in a way that spoke of metal or glass, not water.

Well Seasoned
by Anna-Maria Jung

The BBC started Desert Island Discs, a biographical and factual radio show, in 1942. It's still going strong and you can listen to its massive archive online. Fortunately it's accessible outside the UK. 

I just hate it when my physical location prevents me from accessing free content intended for public consumption -- there should be no borders on the Internet. Otherwise, what's it good for? Imagine Facebook, G+ or Twitter partitioned into all these tiny, nay granular, local divisions. Now imagine yourself only being able to interact with people within a 100-mile radius. Does that sound sane to you? 

Elsewhere on the webbysphere, Worlds Without End -- a fine resource for readers and writers -- presents an easy-to-read, useful overview of current science-fiction and fantasy magazines. 

Click here to visit Worlds Without End

Want even more? OK, I have a Twitter list of literary magazines and journals from all over the world, featuring 389 titles.

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