Jun 29, 2013

Act Fast if You Want to Keep Reading This Blog

Do you read Start Your Novel using a feed reader? Would that happen to be Google Reader?

Well, Google has decided to bury their old, serviceable reader -- despite our collective yowling. You might as well try to get wine from a seahorse. As of July 1, Reader will go the way of the Norwegian Blue.

Too bad; let's not cry over spilled Yak mustard. I'm here to bring you solutions and alternatives.

Personally, I started using Feedly, and I'm delighted. The first time you land on their website, the colors and design lead your eyes to this friendly message:

click to enlarge

That one-click import? It works a lot more smoothly than I expected. Feedly imported every last item, and even preserved my folder structure.

Once you're in, the interface looks minimalistic but intuitive and familiar.

click to enlarge

When you click on a headline to read the article, you get all these useful social/sharing buttons:

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Feedly also supports Delicious, Pocket, Instapaper and Evernote.

What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking! Act now, or join the choir invisible.

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