May 10, 2013

What, the Nose on my Elbow? I Use it to Sniff Out Isotopes

My fiancee should not develop those bony bumps on her skull -- not at her age.
"My dear," said I, putting down my mint tea, "your osseous protrusions are an offense to the scientific corpus."
"It is time, perhaps, to add to the corpus," she said. "Also, bat nipples."

And an embarrassing balding pattern.

A recent discovery thanks to BoingBoing: Spanish cartoonist Joan Cornellà. Joan's wordless comics display the kind of surreal sadism we honest, untainted folk can only conceive of in our yummiest foulest nightmares. You should guard your eyes, lest your soul be forfeit.

If I present a selection of Cornellà's painted comics here, it is for educational purposes only. Before we launch into the gallery of horrors, though, let this solitary panel serve as a prelude -- a taster, if you will --

"I don't know what I'd do without my friends. Who would give me
free bed and board and ask for ransom to let me go?"

Cornellà's work bears a stylistic resemblance to that of another degenerate, the vile, vile, VILE and wicked Daniel Clowes. Again, I don't recommend that you familiarize yourself with that pervert's work, except insofar as it may help you protect your family from the deleterious influence of modern comics.

Without further ado, I give you Joan Cornellà at a little less than his very worst --
(Click on the images to enlarge them. You'll feel a lot worse that way.)

Peruse the fiend's blog at your own risk.

From Wikipedia:

"In Europe during the Middle Ages, ransom became an important custom of chivalric warfare. An important knight, especially nobility or royalty, was worth a significant sum of money if captured, but nothing if he was killed. For this reason, the practice of ransom contributed to the development of heraldry, which allowed knights to advertise their identities, and by implication their ransom value, and made them less likely to be killed out of hand." Emphasis mine.

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