May 16, 2013

The Twin Circuits of Love and Praxis

Moll Dixie, open source advocate, found herself in the arms of an aspiring dictator.
"Obie," she whispered to him in the close, sub-Saharan darkness, "come with me to Canada."
"I can't," he said, "I have to stay and improve my country."
"By killing your boss," she said.
"No other way."

Wiktionary provides the following etymology for boss:

"From Dutch baas, from Middle Dutch baes (master of a household, friend), from Old Dutch *baso (uncle, kinsman), from Proto-Germanic *baswô, masculine form of Proto-Germanic *baswǭ (father's sister, aunt, cousin)Cognate with Middle Low German bās (supervisor, foreman)Old Frisian bas (master)Old High German basa ("father's sister, cousin"; > German Base (aunt, cousin))."

But that's all Greek to me. Now, the Urban Dictionary gives me something I can relate to:

If you got more than $100 G's in the bank and stackin' paper every day, more than likely you are a Boss.

I got the name "Moll Dixie" by gender-flipping Paul Vixie, Unix software author in real life.

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