May 1, 2013

Dr Loxus Finnegan's Radical Cure for World Hunger

French diving suit of the 1870s.
Via Xerposa: All Things Steampunk

Corkleigh approached the zebra turnip, clutching the circular saw as best he could. The great striped vegetable lay still and rotund on a browning mess of wilted leaves and human blood. Corkleigh pressed forward one inch at a time, dragging his iron boots and sweating.

Nobody else has come up with the notion of a zebra turnip, that I can tell.
An artist who answers to scorrosive draws a comic strip about a turnip warrior, though.

We do however know of a turnip moth. Much to my disappointment, it is not made out of turnips. 

Random turnip factoid #1
In Scotland, they'd carve turnips on Halloween. Scots Wikipedia helpfully informs that "[a]fore pumpkins wis easy gotten in Scotland (nae lang syne), swades an neeps wis howed an cairved wi faces for tae mak lantrens for Hallae e'en."

Random turnip factoid #2
The turnip-tailed gecko stores fat in its tail. French Wikipedia provides the following, ultra-sexy description of its dietary habits: "Ce reptile se nourrit d'insectes (blattes et autres) et parfois de petits scorpions, pratique aussi le cannibalisme en mangeant d'autres individus plus petits." 

Ah, the language of love.

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