May 30, 2013

Dr. Gorki's Number One Life Tip

This week, challenges you to write a piece of flash-fic, under 50 words, without using the letter e. I submitted the snippet below (awaits approval at this writing):

Ian sights four land prawns at dusk. An orgy! Mating songs fill a tranquil twilight. Crouching in shadow, Ian aims his dart gun at an alpha prawn. Must hit a soft spot now. Bang! Oh. Ian's gun jams and bursts. Four hissing prawns, gigantic and furious, coming his way.


I'm publishing it here so it's governed by the general rules concerning prompts on my blog.
And why "land prawns," you ask? Well, before I googled the term, I had no idea the Doctor Who canon included land prawns. Yesterday I found this picture and it lingered in the back of my mind:

Does anyone know what this is?

Oh, but lest I forget. Dr. Gorki's Number One Life Tip: Mess with land prawns at your own risk. 

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3. Gigantic land prawns are something of a biological impossibility: So are dragons.
4. If you want to protect and preserve your creativity, learn to say no.

*Imagine if you could wipe out famine forever by discovering the formula that creates churros out of thin air.

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