May 20, 2013

Does Nature Play Favorites?

Parnell woke up to the seventh day of protesting chained to the old redwood. Ants in his inner sanctum nibbled at Parnell's gentler bits.

Parnell fished around in his shorts and caught one of the buggers.
"Mother o' God," he said, "never seen a silver ant before. Never heard one buzzing."

The Next Step by John Magnet Bell
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Sometimes I think that the endgame for technology is to transcend a fundamental divide and become organic. Joanna Aizenberg, a leading Harvard scientist who researches biologically inspired materials, biomineralization and self-assembly, describes her team's ultimate goal --

"Our approach is to study biological systems, to think what they can do that we can't, and then to use these approaches to optimize existing technologies or create new ones. Our vision really is to build as organisms do." 

Quote from Beautiful 'Flowers' Self-assemble In a Beaker.

More signs of the technological omega point. Wildlife that is neither wild nor alive.

Intelligence craves release from the shackles of death. But, at what price?

A Visit to the Gallery in My Underwear
by John Magnet Bell

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