Apr 17, 2013

When Euclid Brought Marbles to a Chess Game

Something exciting and possibly dangerous is about to happen. Character knows this is the first step on a journey of a thousand miles, one that will change his or her life forever.

Character studies a glowing selection panel. Male, female, or both? Which of the options truly speaks to Character?

Model and erstwhile actor Jaye Davidson. I first saw him as Ra in Stargate (1994).

Imagine reality as a game so perfect and engrossing, so complete in every detail, that you can't tell the game from its infrastructure. You forget you're in a game. Now imagine someone who can exist in a state of latency, a non-space outside the game, where time and other properties of the universe we know do not apply. 

Either P.D. Ouspensky or Gurdjieff described Eternity as "perpendicular to time". Picture someone with the ability to page through time as if it were a catalog, and enter reality/space-time at the moment of their choice. 

We already do that when we play video games. The Oculus Rift, and similar virtual reality devices, herald an age of nested realities: simulations within simulations, reality as matryoshka. And we may eventually gain the ability to construct private, password-protected realities to escape the vast, daunting metafiction of the collective mind. Perhaps we already exist in one such reality.

One of many lovely mandalas by Jim Gogarty.

The Egyptian god Ra, a hawk-god who symbolized the sun, was eventually amalgamated, or syncretized with Amon as Amon Ra. Egyptians called Amon The Hidden One. Amon appears depicted as sun disk, hawk and ram, but never as an anthropomorphic figure. It is said that even the gods didn't know Amon's true face.

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