Apr 8, 2013

The Hidden Library of Stereotypes

The Human Echoes Podcast is running a flash-fic challenge based on my prompt, The Time-Traveling Hacker's LamentEnter for a chance to win $10 and have your story read on the podcast! Go.

Dimmesdale approached the receptionist with an inverted grin.
"What's up, Dim?" the receptionist asked.
"Uh, give me a Model A2," said Dimmesdale.
"Bigfoot duty again today?"
"Yeah," said Dimmesdale, "someone's got to keep the legend alive and all that."
"Good luck out there, Dim."

Fate Magazine. Keeping legends alive since 1948.
Or debunking them, as the case may be.

I got my title from a scriptLab review of Morning Glory, Stereotypes at their Most Boring.

I'm also pleased to announce that one of my favorite bloggers, James Killick, has restarted his blog with a provocative little piece: Is Craft Killing your Creativity?

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