Apr 19, 2013

Prepare to Meet Your Sugary Doom

To think that I, the Great Candiculator! I! Must pretend to go about in fancy dress among human chattel. My appearance amuses them... Ha. Let's see them laugh when I marshmallow their whole planet! 

Michelin Men in the early 1900s. One of them is not in costume.

The Michelin Man's real name is Bibendum, from the Latin slogan Nunc est bibendum, "Now is the time to drink." Marius Rossillon, best known as O'Galop, created the figure for a brewery, but it was rejected. The Michelin brothers gladly took Bibendum and used him for their own ad campaigns.

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Bibendum at Wikipedia

This post is brought to you by the Antarctic Icefish, terror of the southern seas.
photo by Uwe Kils

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