Apr 24, 2013

Can't Talk Right Now, My Mouth is Full of Bees

Zedward Cripes named his twin daughters Perfidy and Treachery, so everyone would know not to mess with them. They ate poison ivy for breakfast, hunted toxic fangmonkeys for dinner, and didn't even learn of hot showers until the age of 16. That was a fateful year; exposure to hot water gave them ideas. So they set out into the stinkwoods to find worthy mates.

Forest Kingdom
by Jonathan Bergeron

Imagine, if you like, that Perfidy and Treachery grew up so hardy and robust that, the last time one of them sneezed, she sneezed out a meteor. This meteor then crashed on Earth and created the Kebira crater.

Satellite image of Kebira crater
via Wikipedia. Click to enlarge.

Need a shot in the arm? Just read the rest of this comic about the Procrastination Monks:

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