Mar 8, 2013

Troublesome Questions for Primates Who Would Appreciate a Road Map

(...or at least a couple of pointers every now and then.)

The year was Bethlehem and I was born on the back of a giant fox screaming at the sky.

Me screaming. Not the fox.

I suppose you require an explanation now, and my name, and the object of the letter before you.

See, I had an ugly beast to stop.


Because it's International Women's Day, the following picture is dedicated to all the women who read me:

by Dale Keys

Also this song.

"To your kinsmen I might prove untrue if from them I do go," sings Jacqui, "For maids must bide at their parents' side while the men do face the foe."

Folk songs and proverbs say much about the collective conscience of the people who create them. A good deal of it is unintended. While you are immersed in the zeitgeist, your surroundings appear normal, the scent of the familiar all about you; but then the times change, and when you look back the past has indeed become a foreign country.

The essence of life is change. Change is good. It finds a place for the old and makes room for the new.

Now go and listen to some more Pentangle

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