Mar 13, 2013

The Time-traveling Hacker's Lament

One version of me wanted Ormer Locklear to stay alive. Version number two wanted him dead. Version number three -- me, I guess -- had to dive into the developer console and figure out why I had been cloned and stuck in camera mode, unable to delete the other mes.

Paper Airplane
by Jordan B

Ormer Locklear was a wing walker. What began as necessity (they say Locklear would walk onto his plane wings to fix problems) evolved into an extreme form of entertainment and would contribute to methods we take for granted today, such as air-to-air refueling. You've heard of Charles Lindbergh, right? Wink wink. He too began his flight career as a wing walker.

The sport has evolved, but adrenaline still plays a major part in it. And people still pay to watch somebody else taking chances with their life. 

The video above features a bargain-basement soundtrack. Please mute it and listen to this instead.

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