Mar 28, 2013

The Boy Who Cried Wolf in a Crowded Theater

Feeling stuck? Try brutethink. I'll give you some building blocks right now.

Six unlikely combinations:


A rolled-up note in your pocket.
A spaceship.
A talking desk.


A drunk librarian.
A defibrillator.
A bloodstained colander.


A narcoleptic PETA activist.
An ex-lawyer turned chinchilla breeder.
A strip club run by a reformed Chaos magician.


A sculptor who uses nothing but bananas.
A former marine with a banana addiction.
A messy divorce.


A vulture with a wedding ring on one of its claws.
A retired risk consultant who loves haikus.
A gravedigger’s daughter.


Sigmund Freud on vacation.
Ten pounds of Mature Wensleydale.
A cow that hates fences.

by Speakerine

Because good things come in threes (like triangles) and sixes (like beer).
Indeed, a triangle with two vertices would be a doleful thing, and a five-beer six-pack manifestly incomplete.

1. I don't know any banana addicts. But a search for "banana addiction" led me to the first rung on the Ladder to Purgatory, i.e., Yahoo Answers, wherefore I now give you the Dumbest Question of the Month:

"What is physical health!!!?
"plez answer back as fast as u finish reading this, my assignment is due tomoz n i really need help!!!
can u please give an answer that isn't too scientific or hard to understand so it looks like i dint plagurise it from some site. thank you so much!
p.s: sorry if im asking 2 much n for being lazy but i honestly searched this question myself n i couldn't put it in2 my own words, sorry!"

"Plagurise" sounds like a special attack for those glowing ghouls on Fallout: New Vegas.

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