Mar 6, 2013

3 Bozzetti About Life on the Stage, The Passage of Time, The Color of Smoke

"Give me more respiration and fewer borborygmi," said the conductor.
"Eh?" The basso cantante stood up straight and even stopped drooling. He dropped his bib to the freshly waxed floor.
"Your stomach grumbles over your low notes," the conductor said, "and you sing the way you fart!"


Solace gave up ballet and took up smoking on the same day. If she couldn't dance, she might as well kill herself, but slowly and besides, smoking gave her something to do with her hands.
Solace's husband-to-be was unnaturally glad to see Solace digging a grave in tiny installments.


Peter Coriot always left the theater before the play was finished. Wednesdays and Fridays he was there, hoping for a certain someone to appear, someone who played himself, Peter Coriot. He wanted to sit through a tale of love and strife where he took the lead role.

by Carlo Maria Mariani

This is for the Italophile in you -- there's a little Italophile in all of us --

On the word "bozzetti": As Italian Wikipedia tells us, and in my mind the words sound especially melodious,

Nelle arti visive e scenografiche il bozzetto (più raramente chiamato abbozzo) è un modello non rifinito dell'opera, eseguito in scala più piccola.

Now you see why I couldn't go with "3 Drafts About Life on the Stage," &c.

also by Carlo Maria Mariani
Let there be music.

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