Feb 15, 2013

The Nodyssey: Too Many Mermaids, Too Little Time

1. Have you been pining for the lobster violin you treasured as a child? Well, look no further.

2. Quickly, which of the two is the strangest webcomic out there? O V O Y Y A M A R, or Forming?

Four panels from O V O Y Y A M A R
The story begins here.

3. Homages, Ripoffs, and Coincidences is almost entirely devoted to side-by-side comparisons of shots in movies.

4. The first new NASA spacesuit in decades. That's right, decades. Astronauts have been wearing 30-year-old designs, mostly. Do you keep any of your 30-year-old clothes? I do, but I can't squeeze myself into my favorite plaid dungarees anymore.

5. Want to lose weight? Master a foreign language? Stop ogling baboons in estrus? HabitRPG turns your life into a role-playing game.  Me, I'd probably just open the developer console and type in tgm. I'm coded that way.

6. What if the known universe were an open-source simulation running on a peer-to-peer network?

7. Remember the invisible gorilla? Its powers strike fear into one's heart; now we know the beast can fool trained observers as well. Like these radiologists.


Without further ado, I give you your prompt.

A long time the manxome foe he sought, no GPS to guide him, no comms, no combat rations, stranded on the wreck of a trans-plutonian station. Twelve hundred miles across, shaped like a turtle's egg.

For six orbits of the gas giant he tracked the jabberwock, vorpal implants clicking and buzzing with anticipation.

"So many AIs in my body," he confessed one night to an empty mess hall, "and I can't find a single meta-beast in this damn theme park."

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