Feb 13, 2013

All the Pretty Codfish, Swimming in the Trees

It hasn't rained in weeks — that means no fish. The clouds are hoarding them. We must burn at least six homes to get the Fishmaster's attention.

I ache to imagine what we must do for his forgiveness.

"Someone committed a great sin two seven-nights ago," I told the council. "I spoke with the Fishmaster."

I pointed at my uncle's brother-in-law's nephew's cousin, Vurk. "He told me it was your third wife, Vurk. She salts your neighbor's garden out of spite, because his daughters are all beautiful. She blames his good fortune for your ugly daughters."

"Alas," said Vurk. "Fnigurda was born in a year of no mirrors. I can't help that."

"We must put your house to the torch, Vurk," I said.

"Aye," said Vurk, "though I have a request."


"Let me first consult with the Fishmaster," said Vurk.

"Impossible," I said. "Only confirmed meshmen may speak with the Fishmaster. He ignores everybody else."

"Really?" said Vurk. "Because a little fish whispered in my ear last night and my ear felt very holy when I woke up. Also wet, as if someone had drooled over it."

Murmurs among the council. The small clownfish of omen swam from shoulder to shoulder, opening and closing its tiny mouth, dripping with doubt and almost-blessings.

"What are you trying to say?" I asked.

"The whisperer said your wife salts your neighbor's garden," said Vurk. "What do you say to that?"

by Slava Triptih
Yes, I went way over budget with this prompt. More than 200 words up there, but it's still a prompt. Use it as you see fit.


Are you in the mood for some hard-hitting rock 'n' roll by female-fronted bands? Because I am. This is the kind of music that keeps me up at night.

The Detroit Cobras - Midnight Blues

The Bellrays - Black Lightning

Devil Doll - Man in Black

Remember, it's always hunting season on YouTube, so these videos may not be there tomorrow. Go on, they're not going to watch themselves.

Because that would be solipsistic.

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