Jan 11, 2013

Your Glorious Vision of a Dual-Boot Planet

The Internet is 120 years old today and has decided to ignore me.

Doesn't matter. I'm going to infect 81 secure nodes today and turn everybody into zombie giraffes.

Can you imagine two and a half billion people locked inside their meat bodies with nothing to do, nowhere to go?

Solitude on Cyanide Lake
by Robin Portnoff

This prompt was touched off by an accidental meditation on giraffes and video games/virtual reality. Ms Giraffe right here has a nasty disposition. Her favorite hobbies include riding motorbikes, propelling cabs into the sky and bleeding to death.

Now let's get all broody and serious because I'm a broody, serious guy.*
(*For example, I don't go out on Sundays. I just stay home and brood.)

The time draws near when some of us will choose to become one with our machines. With that in mind, I'd like to draw your attention to the following video game trailers:

Cyberpunk 2077

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Set aside the misogyny, sensationalism and dubious aesthetic standards, if only for a moment, and ask yourself: What are we heading into? Games are 21st-century pulp, exploring new modes of being and uncomfortable questions, the way pulp literature did.

In this hotbed/cesspool of violence, garish colors and outré characters, grand themes begin to coalesce. Our species thinks itself through narrative, and radical transformation of the self-as-discrete-biological-unit is already underway.

 One question that troubles and fascinates me: What happens when the distinction between an organic and a computer virus becomes obsolete?

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