Jan 9, 2013

Why Seek Out the Sun When it Finds You Anyway

She found him laying in the mud, pointing the twin lenses of his camera at the gods that swarmed up the red stone tower.

And she got down and lay in the mud beside him.

"Hi," she said.

Urr, he said, eyes glued to the mud-flecked viewfinder of his rollei.

Chhinnamasta, one of the ten aspects of Devi.
From an original picture by Arnab Dutta

If this were a movie, I'd like it to open with Meditation is the Practice of Death coloring the scene...

...and, as long as we're daydreaming, let's have Rezwana Choudhury Bannya provide the exeunt for this imaginary romance-cum-spy-thriller about photography, reincarnation and finding love away from home with someone you never even knew was your neighbor for ten years.

Which is not autobiographical.*

*None of my prompts are. Not intentionally.

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