Jan 4, 2013

Meek Robot, Meet P, the Furious Panda

"Halt, mechanoid," said the panda gatekeeper. "Only organics may pass beyond this point."
"I too am organic," said the robot.
The panda's left eye dwindled to the size of a pinhead; his right grew as big as a saucer. "Have you frazzled your motherboard?" he asked.

Illustration by Dale Keys.

When old Irish hero* Cúchulainn flew into a rage, say the bards of yore, his eyes would go all funny. You know, like the panda's. So I stole that image because pandas are great and the thought of a panda going all Cúchulainn on a tiny robot filled me with glee. 
*Or cattle rustler. Whichever you prefer.

Cú owned a magic spear, Gáe Bulg, which I'd like to call "The Poor Man's Pasupata" and also reminds me of Shiva's weapon, the trident Trishula.

Speaking of tridents, did you know that independent Ukraine chose the trident as its national symbol? And that this trident, the Tryzub, supposedly represents a hawk? Well, I didn't, and am certainly going to read up on this when I have more time.

Western Ukrainian stamp, 1919.
Via Wikipedia.

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