Jan 15, 2013

3 Unusual Deaths in 2096

To quote a parody song by BarelyPolitical, "it's the future, and everything is weird."
The following characters and dramatic situations, except for Ray Kurzweil and Jacques Vallee, who happen to be real people, are hereby released into the public domain like the rest of my prompts.


Yuri, monostep dance instructor and community leader at a popular online hangout for the under-20 crowd, CGY (Come Get Yours). Died of complications caused by a ruptured bladder. He was halfway through a one-week dance marathon at CGY, which required him to wear an unfamiliar, parrotlike avatar.


Mieke, retrotemporal investment consultant by day, professional postRPG sniper by night, dies of a metadrenaline overdose caused by biological overreaction to an illegal spell cast by one of her rivals in Shoggoth Arena.*

A thorough investigation discovers Mieke had tampered with her neural ports to allow deeper, realer-than-real biofeedback simulation, going so far as to write hardware drivers that would allow her to experience several simultaneous instances of herself, each with her own supernumerary limbs.

Mieke's unauthorized neural-port driver hacks are now worth $36,000,000,000,000.

*An MMO that hasn't been invented yet.


At an investment conference in Abu Dhabi, Ray Kurzweil and Jacques Vallee get disassembled into their component parts as aliens from Inner Space try to abduct both men.

The audience watches in slack-jawed disbelief. A sentient n-sphere, concealing a paradox regulator and a multilocal data siphon (Jack Kirby called them boom tubes), whisks away most of the two speakers; one suspects that the checksum on arrival won't match the abductors' expectations.

You see, Vallee and Kurzweil could see this coming from a long way off, so they had defensive protocols in place.

Ray and Jacques snuffed it that day, but in the aftermath of the extradimensional attempt on their lives, a composite being was born: Rayja Kursva.

Net of Being by Alex Grey.

Stranger deaths have occurred in real life. I mean, Francis Bacon died stuffing snow into a chicken. I can't think of a single good reason to stuff snow into a dead bird.

As Twain remarked, truth is stranger than fiction because it doesn't have an editor.

Jacques Vallee talking about UFOs and maybe even self-transforming machine elves.

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