Dec 5, 2012

The Woman that Tamed Two Flying Snakes

Monique, the blind one with twisted horns, she drives. Jake the Living Torso is her co-pilot; born legless, two batrachian hands sticking out of his shoulders, his belly a wide, flat callus.

But after sundown, Jake's got eyes like a cat.
"We're close," he says. "On 3, hang a left."

Circular Forms
by Robert Delaunay, 1930

And now it's time for an announcement. 
(Two, in fact.)

I'm going to dial back on my regular series, What can they teach you about writing, because

a) I need time to do other things.
b) Having written 93,000 words for that series alone, I feel that I've begun to repeat myself.
c) I'd like to concentrate on giving you more substantial stuff with each story prompt; photos, videos, links to research papers and whatnot. I would also like to focus on delivering shorter, more diverse articles, and What can they teach you... has been taking up 95% of my writing time.

To be perfectly clear, the series will go on - with new pieces coming out once or twice a month, my schedule permitting. What does this mean to you? Only one thing: Better posts. Richer ones, with more sources and more suggestions for further reading.

Announcement number two: 
I've decided to make my photographic work available on, just in time for the holiday season. Two of my prints have already been selected for the society6 shop: the next step (below, left) and give the moon a little kiss for me (below, right).

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