Dec 21, 2012

The Man Who Sold Epitaphs for Free

Nobody knows how to pronounce her street name, Hthth, so they just call her The Lady, or the Lady of Expedient Means. She's the one who takes care of problems -- problems that live and breathe and talk too much. Rumor has it she was betrayed last night.


I was hoping to participate in extraordinary events today, seeing as the world was going to end and all, but the clouds haven't turned red; tree branches do not reach toward the sky like the hands of tortured ghouls; and blackbirds flit about and bathe in rain puddles as they are wont to do. Drizzle, light traffic, no wind: the gods must be asleep.

At least I can console myself -- and you -- with a few pictures of the otherworldly terror-beasts I'd so hoped would come out of their meta-spatial burrows on this momentous day, the Mayan Apocalypse.

by Kelly Perry
Creature from the Abyss
by Joel Hustak
by Mark Facey
by Nikola Radovic
The Octopus Man Rises
by Lloyd Harvey

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