Dec 16, 2012

It Was the Weekend, And All the Heroes Were Asleep

I stored all my mannequins in a barn that had been blue once and yet was still sufficiently blue that my enemies wouldn't see it.

They can't perceive the color blue, which must drive them mad because to them day on Earth is just as black as night. I think.

by toria

Several terrestrial and marine mammals have monochromatic vision or monochromacy. The lack of color vision is not an impediment to intelligence, so it is conceivable that the mannequin collector's enemies -- supposing they were aliens -- might be monochromats.

There was some uncertainty as to whether horses can see color.
(Romeo here can't see much of anything.)

This being a Sunday, when everybody's chilling with their iguanas* on their laps and watching reruns of Manimal, I thought I'd bring you an extra shot of inspiration and share some of the wonderful artwork I've been promoting on society6.

Posing for Photo III
by Tuky Waingan

by Louis Roskosch

Seahorse in Blue
by S.G.D.
*Iguanas are those little furry things with black eyes and an even number of feet, aren't they? They make webs and shit. You know the ones I'm talking about.

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