Nov 2, 2012

Still Dodging the Snipers: 500 Posts and Counting

Throwing Away Bad Luck
by Nyoman Masriadi

This is my 500th post!

Call that an anniversary if you will -- this number, 500, makes me feel special. All I knew back when I started this blog in January 2011 was that I was in it for the long haul. My only regret, as I told Daniel Swensen a while ago, is that I didn't start blogging sooner.

It thrills me to be a part of this massive conversation, the Internet, and it makes me happy to have connected with such splendid people as Craig McBreen, Anne-Marie Clark, Ruth Long, Bill Dorman, Adebajo Amusa, Stan Faryna or Hajra Khatoon.

So. 500. That's quite a number. High time I did a retrospective, don't you think? Especially now that I once again walk the Earth in human form.

The first prompt I ever posted:
Ballad of the Cross-dressing Milkman

The first prompt I wrote:
Die with a Card Up My Sleeve

A few personal favorites:
How to Lead a Dragon by the Nose
47 Magnolias: Dark is the Tunnel
Bring Nanocytes, Not Food
Do Polish Doctors Like Hornets?
Behold, the Stratospheric Beast
The Cosmic Gate in my Belly
Five Proverbs from the Land of Injustice
Factory Fresh
Blandy's Catalog of Alien Cooties

When I was a lot younger and war broke out in the Balkans, there was this guy I knew -- you'd run into him in the street or the mall and ask, "What are you doing today?" He'd say, "I'm dodging the snipers."

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