Nov 23, 2012

Catch the 4.15 to Hysteria Lane

E. McKnight Kauffer, Life magazine, 1947
via Include me Out

Crabneck turned his back on the surveillance camera, only to find another impudent glass eye across the street. Perched atop a faded frieze in mock-neoclassical style, the second camera scrutinized Crabneck's nose and perhaps also the lips under his blue-black mustachio. Crabneck drew his Stetson down over his eyes.  


This prompt was inspired by the Stetson ad above but also by a Wired article on the intriguing Honeywell Kitchen Computer.

I would have liked to include the Honeywell in some way, but I'll leave that to your imagination. When you work with a self-imposed limit (my typical prompts are 50 words or less) you learn a lot about self-editing -- and saying no to yourself. You can put anything you like in a story, but not everything.

Start writing story prompts for yourself and you'll become a self-editing Samurai in no time.

The Honeywell Kitchen Computer. Clunky? Yes. Useless? Absolutely.
Gorgeous? HELL YES.

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