Oct 3, 2012

Where's My Vodka Shooter, Where's My Unicorn Smile

You shouldn't do funerals in the evening, Marko said to the cufflinks in his hand, evening's when shit gets interesting. Man, people time their deaths like drunk chickens. I got business! Maybe I can convince Lodell to have a pickup meet me at the funeral director's place.


Sometimes I write about altruists; the egotist also merits your attention. Characters in a story must be more than one person wearing different masks, even if  that's the very definition of a character -- a mask you put on as you write. For a brief moment you become the mask and a person that never existed lays claim to some part of the world.

I concluded this prompt about an abnegated, dimension-hopping Rapunzel with "One night, both dreamed of a glass door in a cold cave.Guess what, there's a band goes by the name of Cold Cave. They spend their creative energies proving that the 80s are alive and well

 Let's wrap this up with a little something for the goth in you

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