Oct 5, 2012

Swords, Sorcery and Licorice; and an Inspiring Blog Award

Terre Britton of Creative Flux, whom you may remember for a great interview right here on SYN, has nominated me, among others, for an Inspiring Blog Award.

This award comes with a challenge. You have to share seven of your favorite words or phrases, as well as reveal seven little-known facts about yourself. Finally you have to nominate seven other bloggers for the Inspiring Blog Award. Here goes:

Seven favorite words/phrases:
1. That ain't mine
2. Stentorian
3. Palaver
4. Thingumbob
5. Happier than a wooden spoon at a spelling bee*
6. Paragrab**
7. Sunt verba et voces, praetereaque nihil
*This one's from Dilbert
**From Poe's "X-Ing a Paragrab"

Seven little-known facts about me:
1. I spent ten days on a small equatorial island and stayed at a modest bed 'n' breakfast. Thanks to a tropical storm, my departure flight got cancelled. The airline put us up at a five-star hotel, the only place where I saw a cockroach.
2. People who don't listen to 700 different musical genres: I don't understand them.
3. I believe the cultivation and consumption of marijuana should be decriminalized and regulated everywhere.
4. Between the ages of 9 and 12, I was completely obsessed with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

In all honesty, I wanted to be Skeletor.

He had a hot girlfriend.
(Both paintings by Dave Rapoza.)

5. This is the best piece of music ever written and sometimes it makes me weep for joy.
6. At 14 I thought I'd fallen in love for the first time. I was wrong.
7. Licorice is my kryptonite.

And now we come to the last part. My seven nominees:
Angela Ackerman
Craig McBreen
Bill Dorman
Hajra Khatoon
Ruth Long
Carolyn Nicander-Mohr
Daniel Swensen

They make me laugh (though never cry) and think about matters that wouldn't concern me otherwise; I sometimes stop for a chat at their places, which is something hard for me because I don't turn on Chat Mode that easily. In short, the world's a little bigger because they exist. Thank you, you seven wonderful peeps.

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