Oct 24, 2012

Raging Buddha and the Stalling Karmic Engine

Larry Muck picked up the toaster, spitting and cursing, black smoke needling his eyes. He threw it out the window into the backyard. The day had barely begun.

Muck inhaled deeply. "Find your center, Larry," he said. "Find your silence, your gravity. You need to drive more carefully today."

by Pieter Vandenabeele

Afterthoughts on this prompt:
Muck is a surname of German origin.

As the toaster burned his wholewheat slices to a crisp, such were the images that ran through Larry's mind:
"The polished surface of the marble kitchen counter is a nebula on which my faint reflection swallows newborn suns. Of this miniature universe I am the background radiation come alive. I am the deity giving it meaning." 

To further the Halloween/B-movie theme this month, I thought I'd give you some space variations on a number of creatures -- both real and imaginary -- because everything is more interesting in space, right? So:

Space Werewolves of Pluto
Space Mermen of Mars
Space Hedgehogs of Neptune
Space Mole Rats of Jupiter
Space Warthogs of Venus
Space Orioles of Mercury
Space Gorillas of Saturn

Let's not forget the potential in all those wonderfully-named satellites and lesser bodies in our solar system:

Gluttonous Giraffes of Ganymede
Carnivorous Coatis of Ceres
Impertinent Inchworms of Io
Phosphorescent Fruitbats of Phobos
Despondent Dormice of Deimos

What happens when the Space Werewolves of Pluto go up against the Gluttonous Giraffes of Ganymede? You tell me.

Another topic on my mind: zombies. Especially now that The Walking Dead is back on. (I love that show.)
Zombies need to engage in more creative confrontations, because all the popular zombie narratives on offer seem to be zombie vs. human. Therefore, I propose:

Zombies vs. Leprechauns
Zombies vs. the Unseelie Court
Zombies vs. Killer Whales
Zombies vs. Oviraptors

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