Oct 28, 2012

Only the Undead Can Stop the Revolution

First things first: If you're in Sandy's path, stay safe.

The hidden gods of the future have spoken. They want me to bring back the French king during the show tonight. Danton should be here with the head by now. What's taking him so long?

Saturn won't be aligned with the anti-star for another 36 years. Danton, fail me not!


The narrating character is supposed to be √Čtienne-Gaspar Robert, whose name is synonymous with the pre-cinematic art of phantasmagoria. People have been paying to be scared for a long, long time. Of course, rumors that the impresario was a necromancer only boosted ticket sales.

Let's wrap it up today with one of John Zorn's quieter tracks from his 2012 album, Nosferatu -- the melancholy Fatal Sunrise

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