Oct 17, 2012

Madam Did Have a Prodigious Nose for Trouble

I had six criminal syndicates from four time periods on my tail. Not a problem for Tiresias Jr., absentee chairman of the Munchausen League of Charitable Benefactors. (Certain members of the League have taken to lobbing butcher knives at my effigy.)

Is creative accounting such an intolerable offense?


This week there's been no entry to What can they teach you about writing. Life happens when you're busy blogging and I've had little time for creative writing. I'd rather skip a week than give you something half-baked -- I mean, wouldn't you prefer it that way? I'll try to make it up to you next week.

I don't intend this as compensation of any kind, but in keeping with the Halloween theme, here's the 1929 Silly Symphony, The Skeleton Dance.

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