Sep 26, 2012

Noah's Sermon to the Cannibals of Planet X

Even the ship's motherly hum died down and the silence woke me. All the humans were dead, resorbed into the entrails of the Magdala.

It was a 12-mile walk to the aft where the others lay, 12 miles of unlit corridor and crawlspace,12 miles of sealed doors.

by Teddy Nash

Things that have recently come to my attention:

SkyAtlantic wants to showcase some of the writing talent out there. They're running a backstory challenge based on a couple of new channel idents. So take to Twitter and look up #SkyAtlanticStories.

(Please be advised that you can't access the videos if you live outside the UK/Republic of Ireland.)

Pink Tentacle brings you two dozen delightful creatures depicted in a Japanese handscroll, the Bakemono Zukushi.

Doesn't it look gleeful?

Why don't we follow that with an admonition from Donald Duck on the dangers of wartime sex?


Yesterday I wrote that "bad movies... don't ask you to think, only that you submit to them." It's pretty much the same with books, isn't it?

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