Aug 18, 2012

Music from the Bowels of Taxidermied Songbirds

Choubatsu hadn’t been around five-year-olds for a while. Were they supposed to grow horns?

The two little boys were building a circular tower out of wooden blocks, chattering away as their English devolved into a mix of grunts, clicks and trills.

Well, Choubatsu thought, at least they look happy.

Love of Seven Dolls, I
by Kate Baylay

Do you read my weekly series, What can they teach you about writing?
Maybe you've missed a couple of posts and would like an easy way to find them?

I've got great news for you. Now there's a single page indexing all the articles, updated as new ones come out.

I'm talking 60,000+ words here, on tons of impressive people and memorable characters: from Carl Sagan to Billie Holiday to one of my all-time favorites, Darth Vader.

From painters like Max Ernst and René Magritte to iconic figures like Superman.

Jump in.

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