Jul 7, 2012

My Girlfriend's Iron Petticoat

One fine summer morning after the nuclear-economic apocalypse, Jim the plumber-magician got up and put on his rot-scented hazmat panzer suit.

Was the odor still strong enough keep the Chanel flies away? Sniff. Sniff again. Hm.

OK, he’d take his chances.


Here's something I asked myself: What genre is this?
Maybe Neo-Absurdist Retro-Futuristic Post-Apocalyptic Dieselpunk Science Fantasy. Would that work for you? 

All literature is fantastic because the purpose of literature is to tell artful lies about people who never existed. Save in the writer's imagination. Genre is a marketing tool. Don't let the exhausted tropes of any genre bonsai your imagination. 

Yes, yes, I just used bonsai as a verb. 

The Chanel flies are mutant flies drawn to sweet fragrances, especially that of Chanel no. 5. 

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