Jul 5, 2012

The Gift that Keeps on Hurting

No, I wasn’t expecting Zarah on my doorstep with a box full of scorpions.
“I need you to hold on to them for a while,” she said.
“What the hell are you doing with these?” I asked.
“Can’t talk about it,” she said, looking over her shoulder.

The Stone Castle
by Budi Satria Kwan

Like I said yesterday, I'm wreaking havoc at iwritereadrate.com with my Samurai Guide to Self-Editing like a Rock Star -- a short essay on lopping off heads while you play the guitar.

Earlier today I stumbled upon Jason Arnopp's blog, and found it very hard to tear myself away. Let him show you five ways to kill audience satisfaction.

Here's something I realized a short while ago: Don't start anything new at the bottom of a page, be it physical or virtual. The blank page is one of the few places where you can start at the top.

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