Jun 21, 2012

What's Good on the Internet Today? Make Your Own Luck Edition


Spring by Young Ju
The ever-bubbly Angela Ackerman is over at Janice Hardy's fine blog discussing how writers should make their own luck. Meanwhile, Janice Hardy devotes her acumen to matters of style.

Sample quotes
Angela: "It would be nice if Success would be decent enough to slide over an inch or two and meet us, but life doesn’t work like that. So we need to grab it. And how we do that is by..."

Janice: "One pitfall of a first person point of view is that you sometimes end up with a lot of sentences in a row starting with I."

Ava Jae is asking her readers what the difference is between an idea for a novel and one that'll just work in a short story. 

Sample quote
"You see, novel ideas have to be big—and I don’t mean that they have to have explosions and ridiculously awesome action scenes—I just mean that while you’re working with your new idea, you have to be able to develop enough nuances, subplots and layers to sustain 80,000 (or however many) words."

Join the conversation.

Tania Dakka tells you about exorcising your writing fears with exercise. Health, prosperity and creativity usually go hand in hand. 

Sample quote
"Regular exercise boosts your mood, your immune system and your focus. People who exercise feel the benefits in their wallets, as well."

Dave Gamache, designer at Twitter, brings you Doing What You Love and Doing it Right. His insights apply not just to home improvement projects but to writing also.

Sample quote
"Craftsmanship is not a destination; it's a life-long discipline."

Sarah Arrow warns you about the dangers of optimizing your blog posts for search engine spiders. For Bloggers, by Bloggers. 

Sample quote
"How much did the search engine spider spend on ebooks last year?"

Bill Dorman, who's never been one to beat around the bush, tells you how to get an invite to any party. A quick, valuable reminder to take good care of yourself and maintain your self-esteem.

Sample quote
"Avoid depressing topics. Don’t make people avoid eye contact with you because they know the first words out of your mouth will not be uplifting."


Someone told me that my piece on HR Giger left them with a lot of questions. So I updated that blog post. There is now a coda explaining what Giger means to me. 

Speaking of, this gas station in the Czech Republic strikes me as somewhat Gigeresque.

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